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It is our right to repair. We stand on the shoulders of movements we have been fighting for almost a decade, and that’s why we are proud to pick up the fight to protect repair rights and the definition of ownership in the 21st century. Get involved today.

Carrying the Fight

In 2014 APMMA lodged a complaint at Competition Commission against OEM’s of motor vehicles, for the independent workshops to be allowed to service and repair in warranty vehicles, without the consumers losing the manufacturer’s warranty.

The vision of the organization is to be an integral part in the economic development of South Africa by contributing to employment creation and poverty eradication. Its main objectives are; to facilitate the activities of the sector nationally; ensure the capacity so as to function optimally and sustainably; ensure timely accessibility to resources like finance, information and infrastructure; establish and strengthen stakeholder’s relations through promoting integrity of the sector.


making a difference

In March 2017 the Competition Commission ruled in APMMA favour that led to the development of the Automotive Code of Conduct in Competing which also led to the development of Automotive Guidelines.
We are happy to announce that on the 10/12/2020 Competition Commission of South Africa published “Guidelines for Competition in the South African Automotive Aftermarket”. From the 01/07/2021 the consumers will be allowed to service, maintain and repair their vehicles at the workshop/s of their choice without losing manufactures warranty. On DEC 2020 The S.A. Automotive industry also published the Automotive Industry Transformation Fund Guidelines, which are also going to be very crucial in Transforming the aftermarket automotive industry.
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APMMA Roadshow

Creating “Awareness” to Consumers, Artisans as well as entrepreneurs, about their rights and responsibilities enshrined in the “Guidelines for Competition in the South African Automotive Aftermarket “and in the “Automotive Industry Transformation Fund”.

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Giving You Choice

Ensuring that the South African automotive aftermarket becomes an open, competitive market where your choice of provider or product is dictated by price and quality rather than restrictive contract provisions.

Building Capacity

Overcome The the challenges faced by our members. The challenges range from by-laws compliance issues, lack of adequate and sustainable skills, capacity limitations, procurement of contracts, inadequate business management skills, limited promotion and awareness.

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