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We Have the Right to Repair Everything We Own

You bought it, you should own it, Period! You should have the right to use it, modify it, and repair it wherever, whenever, and however you want. We fight for your right to fix.


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Consumer Protection

Our members operate under a Code of Practice approved by APMMA.

Why Choose an APMMA Member?

  • Comply with a strict code of conduct
  • Will treat you and your vehicle with respect
  • Work to the highest standards

Fighting For You

APMMA membership is a guarantee of high standards and quality service to customers.

We continue to challenge unfair competition, price fixing/inflation and collusion, making sure your interests are not ignored.  

Local Jobs

Create “Awareness” to consumer’s i.e. individual car owners, fleet management companies e.g Taxi and Bus Owners,  Municipalities, Provinces, National Govt Etc.


Our vision is to be an integral part in the economic development of South Africa,  contributing to employment creation and poverty eradication by facilitating the activities of the sector nationally.


Ensure the capacity so as to function optimally and sustainably by ensuring timely access to resources like finance, information and infrastructure; establish and strengthen stakeholder’s relations through promoting integrity of the sector.


Create an enabling environment for the motor mechanics and panel beaters, as well as organising the sector into efficient and effective co-operatives, Lobbying for the sector is the main thrust of our organisation.

“This is a great achievement. I think it is time we make this count as we steadily take economic freedom into our hands. It’s never given, it’s fought for and thanks for being the champion. Written or unwritten, you go down in history as a fighter for economic freedom. This is a huge industry we cannot afford to play second fiddle.”

— Mmboneni Muofhe